UCS Web Service

UCS (Universal Chart Server) Web Service is an ingenious piece of software. The patented compression technology reduces the data transmission bandwidth needed by about 50%*. This saves valuable time and transmission costs when updating charts over a satellite connection.


  • Faster and better access to official data where ECDIS is mandatory
  • Provides access to official charts and digital publications
  • High quality chart rendering
  • Reliable and compatible with all types of ECDIS
  • Intuitive interface makes it easy to use
  • Worldwide ENC chart coverage


UCS Web Service are a set of core server components that manage catalogue, license and data distribution functionality for ENC data and Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP), reducing data transmission bandwidth considerably.

Patented compression technology

Standard exchange sets are already compressed. Our patented compression techniques reduce the size still further, typically halving the amount of data to be transmitted, while maintaining the strict S-63 digital signature and certificate requirements.

Reduced time and cost

Updating charts using satellite communication can take a long time and be very expensive in transmission time. This system reduces the transmission time by about 50%*, saving on the time it takes to update the charts and as a result, lowering transmission costs.


UCS Web Service works with all S-63 charting systems and imposes no requirement on the ECDIS or ECS used with the system. This is possible due to our scrupulous adherence to standards.

It delivers official ENC charts from the UK Hydrographic Office and Primar to ensure worldwide ENC coverage.

Our products

We have built the functionality of UCS Web Service into many of our products. These include ADEPT, ENCX, Henry and Nuno.

Example applications

  • Large commercial ships where ECDIS is mandatory
  • Workboats and leisure boats accessing charts on board
  • Route planning for large vessels and containers in the shipping industry
  • Fleet vessel monitoring for off-shore industries, such as work boats servicing wind farms
  • Large fleet owners looking to reduce chart administrative costs
  • Chart agents distributing charts online to vessel owners

*Transmission time can vary from 20% to 80%, depending on the amount and type of data.