Mission Manager

Mission Manager is a complete software solution for planning, rehearsal, operational delivery and review of military or business critical marine activities.

The System

CherSoft Mission Manager consists of a Mission Planner station used back-of-bridge or in the office, and one or more Mission Monitor stations on individual vessels.

Mission Planner integrates a wide variety of navigational information with a chart backdrop, to support the creation and distribution of detailed mission plans.

Mission Monitor is a chart plotter application that takes a mission plan, including route, official ENC charts, and other necessary information, and provides a clear and uncluttered display for following and logging the mission as it unfolds.

Mission Planner

Mission Planner is fully featured application with world class features:

  • Multiple chart/map types. Raster/Vector. Military formats.
  • Integration with Admiralty Digital Products, providing tide data, lights and civilian radio signals.
  • High performance display, multiple symbologies, intuitive interface.
  • Wide range of planning tools including routes, boundaries, points, annotations.
  • Datums, national and world wide grids, great circle/rhumb line, mils.
  • High accuracy distances/bearings. Magnetic model.
  • Astronomical data (sun/moon rise/set/position).

A particular mission will be coordinated through a workspace. This allows a wide combination of charts, maps, views, overlays, notes, images and other information to be combined and managed as a coherent picture.

Mission Planner can work as a networked system with access to a communications network linking all bases and deployed units. This allows the sharing of data and mission plans, supporting connectivity with other C2 systems. The system can also operate as a stand-alone mechanism without links to external sources, with mission information transferred on USB sticks.

The CherSoft Mission Planner can export mission plans to individual Mission Monitor stations. Charts and overlays are prepared for the mission so as to ensure complete coverage. Data exported includes:

  • Charts and maps for the mission area
  • Multiple routes. Typically a main route + escape/ emergency
  • Points with optional symbols and annotations
  • Areas with optional labels and colours

Advanced licensing technology enables access to many commercial data sources while ensuring that critical information is always available in Mission Monitor.

Mission Monitor

Mission Monitor is a dedicated application with the sole purpose of providing clear, precise, real-time situation awareness information during mission execution. The display is a chart window overlaid with the route, points, areas and other useful information.

The Monitor is a sophisticated visualisation system which is designed to be simple and robust in use. Vessel position is tracked automatically. Route monitoring parameters such as cross track error, distance to run, etc. are constantly available. Required user interaction is minimal. The system is designed to show what is needed, when it is needed, in a clear and comprehensible fashion.

System Integration

The Mission Monitor software is suitable for building into dedicated hardware on board a vessel. Custom hardware controls can be used to

  • Set the orientation of the chart. One of: North up / Course up / Heading up
  • Set a specific display scale
  • Zoom in/out
  • Display/Hide the VRM/EBL at a specific pixel location

The window borders, title bar, and so forth can be hidden, maximising use of limited screen space.

An extended programmatic interface is implemented which allows considerable control over the behaviour of Mission Monitor. This supports integrating the monitor with other mission technology and tailoring the system to a particular environment.

Logging the mission

Mission Planner will track the vessel position automatically for later analysis. In addition, during the mission, sequentially numbered markers can be dropped on the route at either a specified pixel position or at the current position of the vessel.


A single Mission Planner licence will support:

  • A single seat instance of Mission Planner (requires a security dongle).
  • Two instances of Mission Monitor
  • Support and upgrades for one year

Support can be extended for additional years and this licence model can be varied depending on the nature of your operations/business requirement.