Chart Drawing

The CherSoft chart engine provides smooth panning and zooming of charts, by mouse or using a touchscreen. Our chart based applications are responsive even on lower powered hardware.

We support a wide range of datums, grids, projections, and chart data formats, and it doesn’t usually take long for our chart experts to add support for anything new and unusual.

Supported chart formats

ENC, S63, ARCS, AML, NTF, Shapefiles, BSB, ASRP, CRP, GRP, CADRG, CIB, geotiff, VPF (DNC, VMap, UVMap), manually georeferenced images such as aerial photographs. 

Different options

The off-the-shelf Henry charting system can display a wide variety of chart data along with custom overlays. Alternatively, our chart drawing engine can be built directly into your own products using our ENCX SDK; or we can work with you to create a bespoke or semi-bespoke system to your requirements. Past projects include everything from minor Henry customisations to multi-year projects producing custom geospatial systems.

Providing chart data

We can work with an existing electronic chart portfolio, we can supply chart data as part of a project, or a client’s customers can purchase their own charts directly using our electronic chart purchasing and delivery technology.

Our interests

In the past we’ve combined chart drawing with our other areas of expertise to solve a wide variety of interesting problems, from voyage planning to vessel tracking to managing large volumes of custom geospatial data.