Real Time Navigation

CherSoft navigation solutions are designed to be clean and uncluttered, providing relevant information at a glance. We aim for maximal situational awareness, helping the mariner focus on reaching their destination safely, rather than on trying to understand the computer.

Our projects

Our navigation projects range in scale from Nuno Navigator, an off-the-shelf navigation product sold into the consumer market, to Mission Monitor, part of a Mission suite that allows naval missions to be planned remotely and deployed to vessels for rehearsal and execution. Our extensive library of navigation software components gives us the flexibility to build navigation functionality easily into highly bespoke systems.


  • Course and speed over ground, cross track error, and other steering aids
  • AIS and ARPA targets
  • Different types of chart data
  • Gazetteer information
  • Tide heights and streams
  • Weather predictions
  • Fairplay information
  • Alarms, for example anchor alarms, safety contour alarms, etc.
  • Other custom information for specific requirements

Case Study

One of our clients asked us for a system for planning and executing short naval missions, with some custom features to suit their specific requirements. We were able to rapidly create customisations to our Henry chart software and our Nuno navigation system, to provide a planning station that could generate complex mission plans and deploy them to a simple real time navigation component. We have subsequently packaged some of those customisations to form our Mission Manager product.