Tide analysis

We are experts in tide data processing, from raw tide gauge output, through harmonics, predictions and the use of predictions in navigation systems. We have worked with the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office over a number of years on various digital products, starting over a decade ago with TotalTide.

Tide data production

Our off-the-shelf system TDB helps tide experts manage height and flow data from thousands of stations over the 100+ years that tide data has been collected.

See our TDB page for more details.

Consulting, research and bespoke software

Our experts on tide data processing are available to help with data analysis and visualisation projects. We also have a comprehensive set of software components for processing and visualising tide data, and together with our chart display technologies this puts us in an excellent position to create bespoke software for tide related projects.


Company director and tide expert Andrew Watkin gave a talk to members of the Hydrographic Society UK entitled The Evolution of Tide Data Management which gives some background on how tides have been analysed and predicted over history, and gives his thoughts on where things might head next.